Experienced in the measurement of Pressure, Level, Temperature, and Flow as well as  Analytical Instrumentation, KSI Services recognise that their future relies on their  customers business being successful..  measurementWhilst the above measurements are vital to any Process it is only through the correct  implementation of a control strategy which aids production as well as ensuring that  Environmental controls are totally managed


To achieve this KSI are also able to work with clients Process Control Departments to  audit existing systems and perform control loop analysis  to optimise the plants  performance



With the realisation that process industries operate on a 24/7 basis,  KSI Services are able to deliver fully qualified E & I staff around the clock 365 days a year in order to support  their clients requirements.



Liaising with the respective planning department in order to schedule their manpower during planned outages and yet able to respond to emergenency breakdowns should they occur.
Staff are updated on any relevant technologies which are required to ensure that customer's needs are fully met.

When required Mechanical  personnel can also be supplied.