Some projects undertaken..


From concept to implementation KSI Services have the capability to provide a unique  range of skills and expertise to guarantee peace of mind including Design, Tender  Creation, Planning, Selection of correct equipment, Procurement and Project  Management. 



ABB AC 80 DC Drive Upgrade 


KSI Services can supply equipment from a range of manufacturers  within the field of Process Control and Automation, making them  ideally suited to projects where a new supplier has to interface with  a legacy control system. The project required an ABB drive  controller to replace an unsupportable PPD Microsil whilst retaining Powersil DC drive suite. KSI  personnel oversaw the project from concept to successful implementation.



No Job Too Small

  • DriveSystems AC DC
  • Instrumentation installation
  • Motor centres

Installation of Invensys I/A  DCS

KSI developed the Functional 

Design specification for Wet End 

Control to enable Invensys 

Engineers to build software 



Installation of ABB 800x  QCS/DCS Upgrade 

KSI specified and installed 

hardware in order to migrate 

Invensys QCS to ABB solution and 

assisted ABB with the 

commissioning process.